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Skyany rules

2017-11-17 15:23

Chapter 1 Overview

Article 1 These rules are formulated in order to promote the openness, transparency, sharing and responsibility of new commercial civilizations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Skyany users, and maintain Skyany normal order.

The second Skyany rule is a provision that adds basic obligations or restrictions on fundamental rights to Skyany users.

Article 3 The identification and handling of irregularities shall be based on the facts that Skyany shall determine and strictly follow the regulations.

Skyany users are equally applicable to applicable rules.

Article 4 The user shall abide by the normative documents such as national laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules and regulations.The Rules shall apply to any act which has been presumed to be in violation of the laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and regulations and other normative documents.There is no provision in this rule, and Skyany is entitled to deal with it as appropriate. But Skyany's handling of the user does not remove its legal liability.

Skyany reserves the right to change this rule at any time and make a public announcement on the website.If the user does not agree to the relevant changes, should immediately stop using Skyany related services or products.Skyany has the right to unilaterally determine the user's conduct and applicable rules and process accordingly.


Chapter 2 Definitions

Article 5 Skyany, including Skyany network, domain name;

Article 6 User refers to the users of Skyany services with full civil capacity.

Article 7 Members, refers to the platform in the Skyany network registration process to complete the user. A member can have multiple accounts, each account corresponds to a unique member name.

Article 8 Buyers, refer to users who browse or buy goods on Skyany.

Article 9 Sellers, refers to the merchandise on Skyany.

Article 10 Photographed, refers to the buyer on the Skyany platform to click and confirm the purchase of the act.

Article 11 Order, refers to the buyer to a single business at the same time photographed a single paragraph or a variety of goods contract. The order constitutes an independent transaction for the contents of any item.

Article 12 The number of goods issued refers to the sum of the merchandise money sold by the merchant on Skyany and in the online warehouse.

Article 13 Store management area, refers to the shop signs, baby classification, bulletin board, promotional area, billboards and other shops related modules.

Article 14 Transactions, refers to the buyer in the Skyany platform photographed and successfully paid.

Article 15 The lower frame refers to the transfer of goods in the sale to the online warehouse.

Article 16 Free shipping, refers to the merchant on the sale of goods bear the transaction during the first shipment of freight.


Chapter IV Market Management

Section 1 Market Management Measures

Article 27 In order to enhance the shopping experience of consumers and maintain the normal operation order of Skyany market, Skyany shall take the following temporary market control measures for members and their business activities in accordance with the provisions of these Rules:

(A) A warning that Skyany reminds and warns members of misconduct in oral or written form;

(B) The goods under the shelf, refers to the members of the sale of goods transferred to the online warehouse;

(C) A single commodity search shield, refers to the goods in the search results do not show;

(D) A single dimension of a single product search does not show the default, refers to the commodity information in terms of price, credit, sales and other single dimensions of the search results by default does not show, but can be selected by consumers after the show;

(E) The whole store a single dimension search does not show the default, refers to the members of the store all the goods in terms of price, credit, sales and other single dimensions of the search results by default does not show, but the consumer can choose to show;

(F) A single commodity supervision, refers to a certain period of time commodity information can not search, commodity links and other ways to view.

(G) Shop supervision, refers to a certain period of time in the store and shop all the goods can not be through the search, shop or product links and other ways to view.

(H) Payment of liquidated damages means a liquidated damages paid by the merchant to the buyer / or Skyany platform in accordance with the agreement or the provisions of these rules.

Section II Market Management

Article 28 Members shall follow the requirements of the Skyany transaction process and the merchant shall reasonably protect the interests of the buyer.

Members who act in a manner that threaten the security of the transaction or the security of the Skyany account, Skyany will act in accordance with the risk of its behavior to take account of the mandatory measures to close the shop, shop supervision, limit the delivery, limit the site to log, limit the letter sent to limit the buyer's behavior, the whole store goods and the whole store goods search rights such as security protection Measures to its temporary market control.

Article 29 Exposure by the news media or by the State Quality Supervision Department to inform the quality of unqualified line under a brand, category or batch of goods, Skyany for the merchant online release of related information on the temporary shelves or delete.

Article 30 A business shall pay or make up the deposit in accordance with the agreement or the rules. If the balance of the margin is insufficient, and after the Skyany call is not paid within 15 days or make up, give the store supervision, until the full payment so far.

Article 31 Businessmen shall provide Skyany with the relevant qualifications in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) Before the failure of business qualification, to provide effective qualifications.

(B) To provide qualified qualification within 15 days from the date of receipt of the non-conformance notice of the business qualification re-examination.

If you do not qualify as stated above, Skyany will supervise its shop until it is qualified to qualify. If the circumstances are serious, Skyany has the right to retreat.


Chapter V Violation And illegal handling

Section I Violation Measures

Article 32 In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, operators or Skyany, During the period of non-compliance, Skyany shall, in accordance with the provisions of these Rules, take the following non-compliance measures:

(A) shop shielding, refers to the search, navigation, marketing and other services on the members of shops and goods and other information shielding.

(B) Restrict the release of goods, refers to the ban on Skyany businesses to publish new products.

(C) Limit the transmission station letter, refers to the ban on Skyany business sent station letter.

(D) Restrictions on buyer behavior, forbidding Skyany members to buy goods.

(E) Restricted website login, refers to the ban on Skyany members log on Skyany page.

(F) Close shop, refer to the store where the Skyany merchant is removed, all the goods in the shop are sold, the goods are forbidden, and the shop is forbidden.

(G) Announcement Warning refers to the shop page of the Skyany merchant, the merchandise page, and the publicity that it is being executed.

Article 33 The correction of a member's violation shall mean:

(A) the release of prohibited information, Skyany issued by the business of prohibited goods or information and the resulting transaction evaluation to delete;

(B) The sale of counterfeit goods, Skyany issued by the business of counterfeit goods or information to delete;

(C) Published non-agreed goods, Skyany issued by the business of non-agreed goods or information to delete;

(D) Indiscriminate information. Skyany Deleted or unfolded merchandise of goods or information;

(E) Description of the goods do not match, the merchant on the material, composition, quality and other information described in the buyer and the goods received a serious discrepancy, Or cause the buyer can not be used normally, Skyany delete the description of the goods do not match; business did not disclose information such as commodity defects or the description of the goods and buyers do not match the goods, and affect the normal use of buyers, Skyany The goods are described as unsuitable.

(F) Breach of the promise, the merchant shall perform the payment, return, replacement and maintenance service as stipulated in the case of the obligation or the consumer protection service; The merchant shall provide the invoice to the buyer or Skyany at the actual transaction price;

(G) Malicious evaluation, Skyany or evaluation side to delete the article off the evaluation;

(H) Where the business license information is not disclosed or renewed in accordance with the law, the business shall disclose or update the information of its business license;

(I) Improper use of the rights of others, Skyany issued by the members of the improper use of other rights of goods or information to delete;

(J) Counterfeit material composition, Skyany issued by the business of counterfeit material composition of the goods to be deleted;


Supplementary Provisions

Article 34 The conduct of the users of the Skyany Platform shall be governed by the prevailing rules prior to the entry into force or amendment of these Rules; and shall be governed by these Rules after the entry into force or amendment of these Rules.

Article 35 The above, including the number of these rules; The following is not included in this rule.

Article 36 The "days" in these Rules shall be calculated on a 24 hour basis.