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2017-11-17 15:28

A new order from the order to the order is completed, will go through a variety of states, we will show a variety of status in the order page, in this way you want to better understand the order situation, timely tracking the order status, Smooth completion of shopping.

1) After the order is generated, please arrange payment as soon as possible. If you encounter the order or the payment, the commodity price rises, the manufacturer stops production, the merchant has no stock, etc., the merchant has the right to cancel the order.

2) Waiting to modify the shipping: If you have the goods on the purchase of freight information objection, you need to contact the business to modify the freight, freight modified before they can pay.

3) Waiting for user payment: After you have successfully submitted your order, the status is displayed before the payment is successful.

4) Have to wait to confirm payment: business receipt of your payment information to arrange for you to ship, until you receive the goods confirmed after confirmation on the platform receipt.

5) To be paid: the customer orders after payment status may still appear as "pending payment", this state is divided into two cases:

A: The order has just been paid and has not yet entered the payment process.

B: The payment has been completed, but the payment information system has not yet been updated.

6) Has been shipped: you ordered the goods have been shipped, is being transported on the way, please pay attention to check.

7) Confirm receipt: Indicates that you have received the goods and have confirmed receipt, the transaction is successful.

8) After the success of the order payment business will soon enter the delivery status, the goods in the delivery process can not cancel and return the goods, if any questions please contact the customer service as soon as possible.

9) Order canceled: Description Your order has been canceled and the payment amount you paid will be returned to your paid card. You can re-select the goods order.