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Shopping process

2017-11-17 16:02

1, Register and log on to the website

New user registration: Click "Top" to enter the registration page, enter the information, follow the prompts to complete the registration.

Old User Login: Please enter the login number and password to log in on the login page.


2, Add to the shopping cart

After selecting a product, you can "buy it now" or "add a shopping cart";

In the shopping cart, the system defaults to one item per item, if you want to buy multiple items, you can modify the number of purchases;

In the shopping cart, you can delete the item individually or batch delete.


3, Submit the order

1. Browse the items you want to buy, you can choose the number of purchases and click "Buy Now", direct settlement.

2. Or in the shopping cart, select the goods and the quantity then to settle.

3. Fill in the shopper information, receipt information, use coupons and so on.

4. Choose the payment method that suits your own. Click Submit.


4, To pay the purchase price

Submit the order and generate a new order and display the order number. Click the payment button to complete the payment.


5, View the order status

You can access the "Personal Center" → "My Order" to view the order details.


6, order status

In the "Personal Center" → "My Order" you can view the status of your order.

1.Wait for payment

When you submit an order but do not pay the purchase price, the order status will appear as awaiting payment.

2.already ship

When your order has been issued by the warehouse, is being delivered by the courier company, "order status" will show has been shipped.

3.The transaction was successful

When you sign the goods, that is, after the logistics is signed, the "order status" shows the transaction is successful.

4. wait for delivery

When your order has been picked up and you are waiting for delivery, the order status will show "Waiting for shipment".

5. The order is closed

When your order has been closed, the order status will show "Order off".

6. Transaction failed

When you pay the goods before the goods are shipped, if you want to cancel the order, the background customer service can set the order to transaction failed.