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Payment Method

2017-11-17 16:03

Balance payment

Is the amount of money you have paid in advance in your Skyany account, or the remaining amount spent on your Skyany account can be used to pay for your purchase in Skyany.

Skyany provide users with more user-friendly balance of the purchase, the current set of RMB, US dollars, RM three separate accounts.

1, select the goods, click to settle;

2, click on the balance to pay, enter the payment password on the right;

3, to complete the payment.

PayPal pay

PayPal, the international trade payment tool used by many users around the world, can easily complete the overseas payment!An account is globally availableBecome a PayPal merchant, you will be able to accept more payment anywhere.In the use of e-mail to identify the identity of the transfer of funds between users, to avoid the traditional way of mailing a check or remittance.PayPal also works with some e-commerce sites to become one of their payment methods;But with this payment method, PayPal charges a certain amount of fee.

PayPal payer to pay a sum to the business or payee, can be divided into the following steps:

1. As long as there is an e-mail address, the payer can log in to open a PayPal accountThrough the verification of its users, and provide credit card or related bank information, increase the amount of the account, a certain amount of money from its account to register the account (such as credit card) transferred to the PayPal account.

2. When the payer initiates a third-person payment process, it must first enter the PayPal account, specify a specific remittance amount, and provide the payee's email account to PayPal.

3. PayPal then sends an e-mail to the merchant or payee informing him of the amount of money waiting to be received or transferred.

4. Such as a merchant or payee is also a PayPal user, whose decision is accepted, the payment specified by the payer is transferred to the payee.

5. If the merchant or payee does not have a PayPal account, the payee will be required to enter the PayPal account by registering the PayPal e-mail content instructions.The payee may choose to convert the payment to a designated place, transfer it to his or her personal credit card account, or transfer to another bank account.

Payment process

1, log on Skyany platform, select the goods you want to buy, select "buy now" or "add a shopping cart";

2, check and confirm the order information, After confirming correctness, select the appropriate payment method, click on "submit order";

3, click the pay button;

4, to complete the payment.