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Rules of sale

2017-11-17 16:13

We require businesses to publish their products in the process of selling goods on the goods itself to do "pre-sale information detailed instructions."The principle refers to: business needs in the description of the commodity information will be the specific status of goods, nature, the degree of old and new, stain / flaw, whether with a pack, whether the ticket, the validity of the goods, labels and other special circumstances clear.Based on this principle, businesses can set the following two different return rules based on the actual situation.


Conditional return:

After confirmation of receipt, in the clear non-buyer's premise, the buyer can submit a return application. Non-buyer liability generally refers to the following:

1) business did not fulfill the "pre-sale information detailed instructions" responsibility. The information in the customization of the item in the item information does not specify the problem information that caused the buyer to return.

2) other non-buyer caused such as damage, quality problems, wrong varieties, the wrong size and color, goods expired, do not meet the product information in the product description.(Reminder: product allergic problems do not belong to quality problems.)

The specific rules are as follows:

1) It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the consistency and quantity of the goods before the receipt of the package. If the goods are damaged, lost, the quantity is not enough, and the description does not match, please be sure to refuse! At the same time require the merchant to return the corresponding payment, shipping and other fees that may have been paid.

2) If the goods found after the receipt of damage, loss, out of stock, wrong, etc., buyers should consult with the business as soon as possible to resolve. Only in the user to confirm the full burden of non-buyer under the premise of the buyer can ask the merchant to return the appropriate payment.

special reminder:

It is recommended that before the user receipt, carefully check the situation of goods in front of the courier face, if any problems, be sure to refuse to sign and request to return, or on the spot to take evidence and obtain express signatures.

The scope of evidence includes but is not limited to:

- the appearance of the package; express single number; the merchant in the packaging on the unique logo and so on.

- the state of the goods when the package is opened, the packaging status, the corresponding quantity.

- Damaged item details.

- date of collection.


Unconditional return

"Unconditional" rule refers to the commitment to "conditional return" on the basis of the business promised buyers can confirm the receipt within the time due to the buyer's own reasons to return.The buyer's own reasons include but are not limited to regretting the purchase, personal preference, size inappropriate for any other reason.

Due to their own reasons for the return, the return of the goods state requirements to meet the following basic conditions:

A. Does not affect the business secondary sales. Unopened, unused, well packed, item in good condition.

B. All the attachments, gifts, receipts, and merchandise unique codes are kept intact.

C. Other conditions put forward by the merchant in the description.

For reasons of their own return, buyers can ask the merchant to return the cost of the corresponding item.But the business has the right to have occurred in the freight, customs and other reservations.


Other unfinished business

1. In principle, the buyer's application for return, need to do their own burden of proof, Skyany network will try to help users to prove.

2. Recommend the business to set the "blacklist" and and other businesses to share the "blacklist" function to prevent any malicious buyers.

3. Users who have the freedom to comment, evaluate, and complain, without prejudice to the basic buyer agreement, no personal attacks, malicious attacks, and no malicious slander, are irrelevant to whether the return application has been met.