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Penalty rules

2017-11-17 16:13

In different circumstances, Skyany platform can give businesses or ordinary users the following different types of punishment.


In the Skyany platform that users violate the user agreement or merchant violation of the business service agreement to give the case of warning.The user or merchant needs to make changes within 3 days; after 3 days if the same behavior continues to occur, will be counted as a second violation warning.

Generally frozen:

Without prejudice to transaction and financial security, serious violations of users and merchants, such as more than three times in 30 days, will be frozen.In the case of general freezing, users and businesses will only be able to browse Skyany web content and reply to the station text messages, can not post, replies, release new information. Other functions are used normally.

Safe Freeze:

In the Skyany that a serious threat to the transaction and financial security under the circumstances, the vast majority of cases only businesses will be safe to freeze.In this case, its sale of goods and the organization is the organization of the activities will be stopped and canceled halfway;All funds will be frozen until Skyany thinks it is safe;Unpaid transactions, the user has been automatically refunded payment. Transactions that have been shipped, regardless of whether the user has confirmed the payment, the funds are frozen until the Skyany platform considers it safe;In the same period, the merchant can only browse and access the User Management Center and can not make any changes.

Delete account:

In the business is in a safe freezing period, confirm the security will be settled after the funds, Skyany the user account permanent freeze and cancel all of them have access to credit evaluation.Its historical transaction record will only be used as a backup.


In the Skyany platform that serious violation of the buyer service agreement, and to the relevant users, communities, sites bring serious losses and the impact of the case(Including the existence of conclusive evidence showing the sale of fakes, the merchant rejects the user's reasonable return request, other serious interference community normal atmosphere, etc.)Skyany does not preclude the filing of a claim with the relevant affected user.During the filing of the claim, the merchant's account will be in a Safe freeze state.