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Return rules

2017-11-21 16:04

Return process

If the buyer returns the goods, they must submit the return application within three days after the receipt of the goods (subject to the receipt). If the application is returned overdue and the merchant refuses to accept the return, Skyany is entitled to pay the dispute payment to the merchant.After the parties have reached a return or replacement agreement, the buyer shall complete the return in accordance with the time limit stipulated in the return agreement or the time stipulated in the Skyany network, and Skyany shall have the right to pay the transaction amount to the merchant at the same time, To assist in the refund of the obligation to provide a true and correct return address when the return agreement is reached or Skyany is determined to be returned, and the return address that is not provided or provided is unreal, incorrectly causing the buyer to return or the goods can not be served, Skyany has the right Pay the transaction to the buyer.

The two sides reached a return agreement, but did not agree on the freight, by the merchants bear the same shipping with their shipping methods. Businessmen agreed to return or replacement, but the freight commitment to make a clear objection, the buyer should return first, the merchant confirmed receipt of the return, by Skyany decided to deal with the discretion of the discretionary money. Unless the parties to the transaction have a clear agreement, the return shall not pay the way to pay the logistics costs. If the business does not bear the return freight, Skyany has the right to take the appropriate measures to the buyer until the business account is frozen, to stop the service to the business; business on the return of the goods do not return the goods, There is a fault, the cost of return by the buyer, the disputed payment included in the logistics costs returned to the buyer.


1. Items returned generally in a consensual manner to deal with priority, once the agreement can not be changed;

2. Buyers in the returned items should keep the original goods, does not affect the business of the second sale, including the integrity of the structure, the integrity of the function, the integrity of the value, accessories (accessories) integrity. Otherwise, the buyer should bear the corresponding responsibility;

3. Return the goods in the process, due to the carrier's cause damage caused by the use or loss of goods, by the shipper contact the carrier, and bear the corresponding loss (if any).

4. Due to market conditions caused by the price of goods can not be used as a return policy reasons, the transaction should be the price of the transaction page.

Returns the way

1, log in Skyany account;

2, click on the upper right corner of the seller center, And then proceed to the next step;

3, click on "manage my order";

4, find the buyer to return the goods for processing;

5, click to confirm the replacement / return button.