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inner join sky_store ss on g.store_id=ss.store_id
left join sky_goods_spec gsp on gsp.spec_id=g.default_spec
left join (select count(*) as enum,goods_id from sky_order_goods ) e on e.goods_id=g.goods_id where 1=1 and g.status=2 and g.if_show=1 and g.closed=0 and ss.state=1 and g.presale=0 and g.bidding=0 and g.is_wholesales=0
and exists (select goods_id,area_code from sky_goods_salesarea where goods_id=g.goods_id and area_code='ms') and (g.cate_id='1302' or g.cate_id_1='1302' or g.cate_id_2='1302' or g.cate_id_3='1302' or g.cate_id_4='1302') order by g.add_time desc,enum∨der=desc desc limit 0,20
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